Amazon Loyalty Program (Malaysia Only)


Today,  , , you have been chosen to participate in this survey. It will take you only a minute and you will receive a fantastic prize: new Apple iPhone 11 Pro!

Every , we choose 10 random users to give them the chance to win fabulous prizes. Today's prize is a new Apple iPhone 11 Pro! 10 lucky winners will be. Only for those who live in Malaysia!

This survey aims to improve the service for our users.

You only have to partecipate.

Hurry up, the number of prizes to be won is limited!

Question 1 of 4: Are you a man or a woman?


Question 2 of 4: How old are you?


Question 3 of 4: How many members are there in your family?


Question 4 of 4: Have you ever bought Apple iPhone XS?


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Dian binti Yahaya

I didn't win anything 😒

Like · Comment 29 · 4 minutes ago

Aishah binti Embong

I like these promotions!

Like · Comment 9 · 11 minutes ago

Aishah bin Kartini

I have already received my iPhone 11 Pro. Thanks a lot !!!

Like · Comment 22 · 15 minutes ago

Kemboja binti Ishak

I thought it was a joke, but my Apple iPhone 11 Pro arrived this morning 🙏🔥

Like · Comment 36 · 38 minutes ago

Mahsuri binti Bijaya

I participated, won and received my Apple iPhone 11 Pro after 5 days. Thank you guys!

Like · Comment 31 · 42 minutes ago

Siti binti Suria

Can I get my Apple iPhone 11 Pro today? Thanks

J'aime · Commentaire 6 · 1 hour ago

Puteri bin Mas

I thought it was a joke, but this morning I received my iPhone 11 Pro via DHL and would like to do other surveys!

Like · Comment 15 · 2 hours ago

Tipah binti Hitam

Are there any other investigations to be done?

Like · Comment 39 · 2 hours ago

Alessandro Accordi

Fantastic! I had never won anything!

Like · Comment 23 · 3 hours ago

Nilam bin Mas

At first I thought it was a joke, but in the end I had my iPhone 11 Pro. I talked to friends so they could have theirs too. :)

Like · Comment 30 · 4 hours ago